• Believe it or not, Hippo Hug’s weighted blankets are not just for people.

    For years, our dog Darby has suffered from extreme anxiety and sensory-related issues. Motorcycles, fireworks, whistling, and even Darby in the bathtubColdplay on the radio would send him running to his safe place – the bathtub – where he would curl up, shake, and slowly recover from a severe anxiety episode. There was one summer where we could not make him go out for a walk because he was terrified of the sounds of birds outside. The closest we came to a cure was a prescription of antidepressants and Valium, which had limited effect.

    Although obviously not a joke to many parents, we often debated the possibility that Darby was suffering from a form of  autism for dogs. One day, the topic came up with Leslie, owner of Hippo Hug, and she explained the impact that weighted blankets and pressure vests had on children she had worked with who had similar anxiety and emotional issues.


    Darby using his weighted blanket

    Not long after, Darby was the happy new owner of his very own weighted therapy blanket!  And he has been enjoying it ever since.  For those evenings when he seems a little extra anxious; for a long ride in the car when he just can’t relax and enjoy the ride; during the day when he’s home alone in his kennel; overnight in a dark tent listening to coyotes in the distance; we just put on his blanket, and he settles down, and usually falls asleep. It’s like a drug, only when he wakes up, the anxiety is gone. It’s obvious that he loves the feeling, and we love seeing him able to relax.



    Darby  relaxing under his weighted blanket

    Hippo Hug Blankets are definitely worth a try for yourself, your child, or even your dog!

    – Inga, Mike, & Darby

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