Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets and Animals

We design and create weighted blankets, weighted animals and other sensory items. They will serve a therapeutic purpose & integrate into your everyday life without standing out in a clinical way. Developed & designed by a former Behaviour Consultant, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Speech Language Pathology Assistant; current mom Leslie Brooks. Get in touch; we look forward to creating something special for you.

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About Us

We are based in Calgary, Alberta Canada
Hippo Hug creates weighted blankets, weighted animals, sensory body socks (also known as lycra bags) and other modified clothing.
If you can think of it we can probably create it!

What We Do

We create innovative and beautiful weighted products for a variety of people, We want these weighted items to add beauty and style to your everyday living in addition to serving a therapeutic purpose.

Who Can Benefit

People with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Cancer, Restless Leg Syndrome, Parkinson’s, and Insomnia among other ailments.
As well as clients in dental offices, hospitals, therapy practices, yoga and massage therapy. Not to mention the average person who likes the sensation of a heavy blanket; and even animals.

Contact Us

Our hours of operation are:
10am-4pm Monday to Friday Although we do answer emails regularly at all times.
Please get in touch today!

From The Blog

"Ian loves it! He says it is worth a million dollars."